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Welcome to my Blog!

Writing is one of my passions.  I have found it to be both a great hobby and an agent of healing for myself and many of my clients.  In this blog, I plan to share thoughts on various topics. Some will be related to my practice and others will be more creative in nauture.  It is my hope that these writings will create a useful opportunity for interaction.


  The word “bloom” brings to mind several visual images of roses, various flowers, and tended gardens of yesteryear. I’m reminded of my maternal grandfather, Laudius, who used to enjoy working in his garden with flowers. Unlike him, I never developed a love...


ACTION #Inspire180 Yesterday I was skirting Facebook for some minor entertainment when I came across Laurie Sutton‘s instagram journey in which she’s taking a word a week that she shares and challenging friends and peeps to post a photo or video associated...